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Assortment of Diamonds
Diamond Assortment
Diamond Laser Inscription
After sourcing the diamonds, the next stage of the journey involves sorting the rough diamonds into a variety of categories.
This is done by rough diamond sorters who assess each diamond according to their natural characteristics - looking specifically at their color, clarity, carat and model or shape.
The sorting is done according to various criteria such as - size, color, clarity, morphology and suitability with a view to cleaving, sawing and cutting.

Our assortments are in many key sieve sizes. We can supply any combination of quality, color range or make.
  • Cut Number
  • Color
  • Carat Weight
  • Shape
  • Sieve size where applicable
  • Clarity

This takes great skill and years of training. This is done by diamond sorter specialists. Its a work of an experienced person.
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