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Online Diamond Report - Onine Diamond Report - NYG Laboratory Resources
Diamond Online Report
Online Diamond Report
The NYG Diamond Online Report
NYG (New York Gemological Laboratory Resources) is a non-profit Laboratory and Resources center and is likely, one of the most recognized and respected organization of all the Gemological labs worldwide.
We highly recommend this report for future purchases or to find out what your diamond really is.
We have different formats and presentations than other Gemological Laboratories.
NYG provides truly objective standards in the evaluation of a diamond.
The NYG Diamond Online Report includes an assessment of a diamond’s 4C’s – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight – along with a plotted diagram of its clarity characteristics and a graphic representation of the diamond’s proportions.
Diamond Online Report Sample
Online Diamond Report
Online Diamond Report Includes
Characteristics of Diamond Documented in the Diamond Report
Register No : Describes the register number of A Diamond.
Date : Indicates when the examination was completed and the report printed.
Shape and Style : Describes the diamond shape and cutting style.
Measurements : Lists the diamond's dimensions- Length, Width, Depth - in millimeters.
Carat Weight : A weight of diamond listed to the nearest hundredth of a carat.
Color Grade : A grading which assesses the absence of color in a diamond. A grade of color, zero (D) being the most rare and preferable and ten (Z) being the least preferable.
Clarity Grade : Clarity grade of A Diamond. Zero (FL/IF) being the most rare and preferable and ten (I3) signifying the least preferable.
Cut Grade : There are three components that determine a cut grade: Light Performance, Proportion Factors, and Finish.
Polish : Rating of the overall smoothness of a diamond's surface.
Symmetry : Symmetry is to, measuring the shape, alignment and placement of the diamond's facets in relation to one another.
Finish : The overall measure of a diamond's polish and symmetry. One of the three factors used to determine cut.
Fluorescence : Fluorescence is, Color and Strength of color when diamond is viewed under UV light.
Comments : A description of additional diamond characteristics not already mentioned in the report.
Proportion Diagram : Proportion Diagram is a map of the diamond's actual proportions.
Depth : The height of a gemstone measured from the culet to the table. Depth - for round diamonds, width - for fancy shapes.
Table : The table is the largest facet of a diamond. Located at the top of the diamond.
Girdle : Range of girdle thickness.
Culet : Appearance, or lack thereof, of the culet facet.
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