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Color Diamond Mini Report - Color Diamond Report - NYG Laboratory Resources
Color Diamond Mini Report
Color Diamond Mini Report
The NYG Color Diamond Mini Report
NYG (New York Gemological Laboratory Resources) is a non-profit Laboratory and Resources center and is likely, one of the most recognized and respected organization of all the Gemological labs worldwide.
We highly recommend this report for future purchases or to find out what your diamond really is.
A condensed version of the mini-size Diamond Certificate - the only mini-size document that contains all proportion and finish information.
The NYG Colored Stone Mini Report clearly states whether the stone is natural or synthetic.
NYG provides truly objective standards in the evaluation of a color diamond.
NYGL report also provides detailed information about the dimensions, carat weight, shape, cut, and enhancements of a stone.
NYGL certification also provides information on the stone's country of origin, and identifies any gemstone enhancements or treatments.
Diamond Mini Report Sample
Color Diamond Report
Color Diamond Report Includes
Characteristics of Color Diamond Documented in the Color Diamond Report
Register No : Describes the register number of A Color Diamond.
Report Title : For all other gemstones read Identification Report. For, May read Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Alexandrite or Tourmaline Report.
Date : Indicates when the examination was completed and the report printed.
Species : The mineral name of a gemstone, that is based on A Diamond's chemical composition and crystal structure.
Variety : The sub-category within a gemstone species, based on color, transparency or actuality.
Source Type : Available for Ruby and Sapphire only. This classification system relates the geological environment in which a stone was formed to the stone’s features and properties.
Treatments : Indicates whether and how a gemstone is treated, or if the color is natural.
Shape : Outline of the gemstone. Most common shapes are Round, Oval, Cushion, Pear, Octagonal, Heart and fancy shapes.
Cut : Indicates faceting style.
Weight : Carat Weight is the standard weight unit used for all Gemstone. One carat equals 0.20 gram, or, one gram equals five carats.
Measurements : Lists the diamond's dimensions- Length, Width, Depth - in millimeters.
Color : The color is a spectral hue. The Color grade is based upon the purity of primary color. Any particular gem can exhibit a wide range of colors. It is important to point out that the name of a gemstone has no association with a particular color. For example, A Sapphire can be may be yellow, orange or pink.
Tone : Tone describes the lightness or darkness of a gemstone.
Clarity : Clarity is defined as the degree to which the stone is free of inclusions.
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