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Diamond Laser Inscription - NYG Laboratory Resources
Diamond Laser Inscription
NYGL is one of the laboratory to offer Laser Inscription services.
NYG uses state-of-the-art excimer laser systems, produced by PhotoScribe Technologies, for all its gemstone inscription.
Most diamonds sold today have Laser Inscription.
We inscribe diamonds and gemstones 0.05 carats and larger.
Diamonds are guaranteed not to crack or fracture based on this exclusive cold laser technology.
We can apply a laser inscription in loose or set diamonds or gemstones.
Every NYGL laser inscription is registered and stored in our database.
The inscription is recorded in the certificate that often accompanies the diamond or gemstone.
How it is useful?
How Laser Incription is used for?
How it is useful?
Laser Inscription system is the key to keeping you at the forefront of the industry, specifically designed for diamond and gemstone inscription.
A Laser Inscription is a permanent marking located on the perimeter, the girdle, of a diamond or gemstone. Diamond laser inscription adds a personal touch to the gem, and makes it easy to identify a diamond if it becomes lost or stolen.
In addition to personalizing a diamond, laser inscription can facilitate identification for security and tracking purposes.
It is possible, in micro laser technology, to safely inscribe almost anything on a diamond or other gemstone, from personal messages to brand names, grading report numbers, bar codes and even photographs. Popular romantic messages like 'Forever Yours', 'I Love You', 'Till the Twelfth of Never' and 'Always and Forever' are examples of commonly inscribed messages. Poetry, symbols, names and special dates are also used.
Laser inscriptions can be as small as 10 microns.
The thickness of a diamond girdle, which is the edge that forms its perimeter, is equivalent to a human hair. (The thickness of a human hair is 75-100 microns - For comparison purposes)
The laser inscription is totally invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen with a magnifying loupe or a special diamond inscription viewer, customers can keep it to themselves or choose to share its existence with others.
Cold or Hot Diamond Laser Inscription?
What should ypu prefer fro Laser Inscription?
Comparison of Cold Laser and Hot Laser
Laser inscription is the use of a very fine, precise laser beam to write a grading report number or customised personal message on the girdle (outside perimeter) of a diamond.
Laser inscription will ensure that the loose diamond matches the Diamond Certificate.
If the diamond is set in the ring it will also confirm that it is the same diamond as the one described on the Diamond Certificate.
Our cold laser technology is the only laser technology that is 100% safe for diamonds.
It is important to understand there are two very different categories of lasers used for diamond inscription - Hot Lasers and Cold Lasers.

Cold Laser :
Cold laser inscription does not change the color or clarity grade of a diamond and is considered permanent.
It can only be removed by a professional diamond cutter.
NYGL uses the latest Cold Laser technology that allows excellent control during inscription without damaging the diamond (unlike a hot laser).
Diamonds are transparent over a wide spectral range, down to approximately 220nm for type 2A diamonds.
Cold lasers operate at 193nm and have a very short pulse duration.
No pre or post treatment of the stone is necessary.

Hot Laser :
Hot lasers are YAG lasers and Cold lasers use Excimer laser technology.
Hot lasers will chip or fracture diamonds. High quality polished girdles are especially at risk for fracturing or chipping with "Hot" lasers.
Hot lasers operate at a wave length above 220nm which means that the laser beam is able to penetrate through the surface of the diamond and into the stone itself.
This produces a photo-ablative process, without the heat affect zone common to the thermal marking of other type of lasers.
Additionally with a hot laser, pre and post treatment of the stone is necessary to help focus the laser beam on the surface of the stone.
A clear white out material must be manually painted to the surface of the stone.

Simply load the stone, verify your inscription on the live computer screen image of the gemstone and watch as the laser inscribes a perfect inscription or not!
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