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What is a Certificate?
A Diamond Grading Report documents the specific characteristics of a diamond.
A diamond certificate, also called a diamond grading report, diamond dossier, or diamond quality document, is a report created by a team of gemologists.
A certificate is a "blueprint" of a diamond, it tells you the diamond's exact measurements and weight, height etc.
As well as the details of its cut and quality.
It precisely points out all the individual characteristics of the stone.
Certificates also serve as proof of the diamond's identity and value.
How It Works?
NYGL offers independent appraisal services to the public and to the trade.
The diamond is evaluated, measured, and scrutinized using trained eyes, a jeweler’s loupe, a microscope, and other NYGL industry tools.
A completed certificate includes an analysis of the diamond’s dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other characteristics.
what is the need of certificate?
Increasing technologies and opportunities for enhancements and scams in diamonds also make certification and appraisal more necessary.
A diamond certificate or diamond grading report details all the most important aspects of a diamond, including its cut, color, clarity and carat weight, as well as finish: polish and symmetry, and fluorescence.
A diamond certificate confirms that the diamond has received a full, unbiased evaluation by a trained, professional gemologist and that the description given by the seller matches the actual characteristics of the stone.
The report must be laminated to ensure that the information cannot be altered to boost the grades and quality description of the diamond.
You can compare one diamond with a particular weight and quality with other diamonds of similar weight and quality to determine which diamond is the better value - or which Diamond merchant has the best prices.
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